Meet Brock


I have great ambition in joining with my father, Ray Rosettani along with the rest of the Rosettani Real Estate Group in serving all of Niagara’s Real Estate needs. I will be starting out as a showings agent for the team, helping everyone maintain their hectic schedules while actively gaining experience and furthering my understanding of this dynamic market. 


A little background on myself, I was born and raised here in Fort Erie, having had schooling at Our Lady of Victory Elementary, followed by Lakeshore Catholic Highschool in Port Colborne. After highschool I finally ventured out of the familiarity of the Niagara Peninsula, where I attended Western University and obtained my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Excelling in mathematics, business along with team collaborative efforts and design. Unfortunately, my graduation was just in time for a lockdown and a re-evaluation.


Ever since Covid has hit the world, I along with many others I bet, have been thrown a curveball even with the joys of summer now bringing hesitation on the usual activities. Even though we're used to things slower and laid back here in Niagara it's still a bit much. The one thing I can say forsure during the past year that has kept me together has been the love of my friends, family, and especially my home. It's there that I had a few meetings, some were family, several were business, that I decided to join forces with my dad (Ray), my uncle (Phil), and the rest through extension (the team) to become the best family Real Estate team in all of Niagara!


I have always had an interest in Real Estate, as it has always been a frequent area of conversation especially during family functions. In addition I've been party to a few flips and several renovation/conversion projects and I've learned along the way that Real Estate, regardless of how you slice it, is a very substantial investment in your future, and it can be to your great benefit using a Realtor that knows this industry and area.


We have access to the latest listings and an astounding support staff that will make your experience buying or selling, a little less stressful. I'm happy to help, if anyone has any Real Estate questions, even if it’s along the lines of “where do I start”, I will be there for you every step of the way!


Your friendly neighbourhood Realtor,

Brock Rosettani


Please feel free to call me anytime at 905-980-4809.