Are you thinking about Joining a

Real Estate Team?

Let us tell you why you should consider the Rosettani Real Estate Group.



The Rosettani  Real Estate Group consists of 6 full-time Sales Representatives, Ray Rosettani, Cheryl O’Hearn, Phil Rosettani, Diane LePage, Raechel White & Brent Jones, along with a Full Time Administrative Assistant, Holly Johnston. Collectively, we have over 100+ years of experience in the Real Estate Industry.

It was almost 20 years ago when I hired my first assistant to help me achieve the sales targets I had set for myself.  We all know that the only way we can earn an income in this business is to be either Listing or Selling homes, but with this, comes lots of paperwork, advertising, phone calls.  It soon became harder to keep hitting my increasing goals and have any sort of life.  Balance is key and in the matter of only a few years I went from 35 transactions per year to well over 100+.  Generally I have a listing inventory of over 50 homes for sale at one time and was receiving so many leads it was important to bring on a few Buyer agents.


Benefits of Joining our Team


Simply put... years of experienced Real Estate professionals behind you, helping you along the way.

Starting a new profession is very difficult, especially when it comes to the paperwork, marketing and understanding the many different types of real estate markets. As you already know, Real Estate agents only make money when we successfully sell houses, and even when we do, it sometimes takes months before they close to get paid.

You have successfully gone through the Real Estate course. You now have your license and the knowledge to move forward, but now what?  Learning from a mentor who has been successful in your market is the best way to learn how to sell houses and build your business. It will drastically reduce the learning curve when starting out as an agent and save you money, as well.

When you join our team we will provide training, advertising, help with paperwork and creating a database and lead generation.  Let me cover your expenses and take care of everything and give you the extra time to just “make money” and help you create a name for yourself, along with our “Rosettani Real Estate Group” brand.


Call or text me at 905-651-3279 to discuss joining our team.

*All calls and meetings are private and confidential.*