A bustling area with a mix of residential and commercial spaces, reflecting Fort Erie's diverse culture.

Lots of Fort Erie's historical architecture.
Active community events and gatherings.
Close to water, parks and highway access.


A neighborhood with a rich history and a strong sense of community.

Historical sites and architecture.
Endless dining options, shops and markets.
Regular community events.


Known for its community engagement and variety of activities.

Quaint family friendly community.
Diverse housing options both urban and rural.
Frequent community events.

Crystal Beach, Sherkston & Point Abino

Known for its beaches, it's a preferred spot for both residents and tourists.

Beachfront properties and views.
Active during summer with events.
Many local businesses, such as shops and dining options.

Crescent Park & Waverly Beach

A residential area that offers both urban amenities and parks.

Access to modern facilities and services.
Proximity to schools, parks and recreational areas.
Family-friendly environment.

Black Creek & Niagara Parkway

A residential area known for its natural settings and outdoor spaces.

Quiet and serene environment.
Proximity to nature trails and parks.
Some of the best views in town.

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