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Selling Homes in the Niagara Region

We welcome and thank you for visiting our website. 

As a Real Estate agent for over 30 Years, there has not been a day that I have regretted my career path.  My greatest rewards are assisting clients achieve what they sometimes foresee as unachievable in their Real Estate dreams.

In order to help make those dreams come true and maximize my time, I have assembled a great team consisting of a full time assistant and 4 full time Sales Representatives.

The world of "Real Estate" is ever changing and it is our job as Realtors to keep up with all the current marketing trends not only for our Sellers but also for our Buyers.  We ensure that your home is being marketed to the most people and in the best possible ways and our Buyers are connected to every possible search to help them stay current with what is available. 

I have met some amazing Business Partners and many great referral sources for Home Inspectors, Lenders and Lawyers.  If you need a recommendation we have a list for you. 

Selling a home is far more than installing a For Sale sign and waiting for a phone call. 


Let me show you how we differ from the rest!