Brock Rosettani

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Meet Brock, the ambitious new addition to the Rosettani Real Estate Group, ready to serve Niagara’s diverse real estate needs. Born and bred in Fort Erie, Brock merges local insight with a fresh perspective, fortified by a strong academic background in Mechanical Engineering from Western University. Starting as a showing agent, Brock is on a dynamic path, learning and evolving to ensure your buying or selling experience is seamless and rewarding. Nurtured in a real estate-centric family, Brock carries a lifelong passion and practical experience in real estate, making him a relatable and knowledgeable ally in your property journey.

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Brock Rosettani

I have great ambition in joining with my father, Ray Rosettani along with the rest of the Rosettani Real Estate Group in serving all of Niagara’s Real Estate needs. I will be starting out as a showing agent for the team, helping everyone maintain their hectic schedules while actively gaining experience and furthering my understanding of this dynamic market.

A little background on myself, I was born and raised here in Fort Erie, having had schooling at Our Lady of Victory Elementary, followed by Lakeshore Catholic Highschool in Port Colborne. After highschool I finally ventured out of the familiarity of the Niagara Peninsula, where I attended Western University and obtained my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Excelling in mathematics, business along with team collaborative efforts and design. Unfortunately, my graduation was just in time for a lockdown and a re-evaluation.

Ever since Covid has hit the world, I along with many others I bet, have been thrown a curveball even with the joys of summer now bringing hesitation on the usual activities. Even though we're used to things slower and laid back here in Niagara it's still a bit much. The one thing I can say forsure during the past year that has kept me together has been the love of my friends, family, and especially my home. It's there that I had a few meetings, some were family, several were business, that I decided to join forces with my dad (Ray), my uncle (Phil), and the rest through extension (the team) to become the best family Real Estate team in all of Niagara!

I have always had an interest in Real Estate, as it has always been a frequent area of conversation especially during family functions. In addition I've been party to a few flips and several renovation/conversion projects and I've learned along the way that Real Estate, regardless of how you slice it, is a very substantial investment in your future, and it can be to your great benefit using a Realtor that knows this industry and area.

We have access to the latest listings and an astounding support staff that will make your experience buying or selling, a little less stressful. I'm happy to help, if anyone has any Real Estate questions, even if it’s along the lines of “where do I start”, I will be there for you every step of the way!

Please feel free to call me anytime at 905-980-4809.

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Brock was exceptional with everything in the whole process, making it a great buying experience. He was working tirelessly too make sure we got a property that can be both profitable and a beautiful place to live (everything we were looking for). Brock will go above in beyond too make sure your needs are satisfied.

Alex Humphrey



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